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WSOP and GPL Increase Team Popularity

2017-04-27 15:04:02Author:
[Introduction]  Always be prepared to change your game & evolve to meet new challenges/alterations. Online poker changes constantly & you'll need to as well....

Daniel spoke about players becoming too predictable in their play as being a key reason for losing. While that’s true, more players become losing players because they fail to evolve their game.

What does this mean? Poker, especially NL Hold’em, is always evolving. The same tactics that made a person a winning player in 1999 didn’t work in 2009, just like some of the tactics from 2009 may not work, or at least not as well, in 2019.

Think about certain poker pros that have effectively vanished from the game in the last few years. A number of them were unable to evolve with the changing game and ultimately quit playing, or at least quit playing at the levels they were.

This has happened a lot with pre-Boom players and pros. If you aren’t constantly working on improving your game and your strategies to keep up with the norm in poker, then you’re going to lag behind and will probably start losing.

WSOP and ETP  do not allow use infrared contact lenses that can see invisible ink.

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