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What Ladies Week Means to Players

2017-04-29 12:32:04Author:
[Introduction]  Vegas is breaking my heart this year with lack of ladies events…only WSOP and Aria so far....

While Ladies Week was always hosted during a week in June in past years, the scheduling of the WSOP, ARIA, and Planet Hollywood ladies-only tournaments on July 7-9 this year changed everything. Players now have to carefully navigate those events if they hope to play in the WSOP Main Event as well, and they will have to arrive more than a week earlier if they want to play in the $888 Crazy Eights NLHE event at the WSOP.

In addition, there are only three ladies-only tournaments around Las Vegas this summer, though Lupe Soto of LIPS (the Ladies International Poker Series) is in the process of working on two events that will coincide with them. This will offer more activities during that time.

PokerUpdate caught up with Donna Houle, a longtime poker player and former owner of the Pink Ladies Poker Tour. She lives in Las Vegas and looks forward to Ladies Week each year, as she is able to connect with women from around the country in person and at the poker tables. She noted that the bad scheduling began in 2016. “The WSOP effed up Ladies Week last year by changing the date of the Ladies Championship to just before the Main Event and Fourth of July. Previously, Ladies Week was in June, and all of the casinos catered to us, but it was all based around the WSOP,” she explained. “Now, WSOP has it listed after the Fourth of July on July 7 — one day prior to the Main Event. That totally jacks up Ladies Week, and many women don’t travel here for it anymore. It’s unfortunate because so many of my friends got together to have dinners, party, and play tournaments, but that’s not happening as much anymore.”

Another longtime poker player, Kim Scott of New Hampshire, expressed her frustration with this year’s schedule as well. “As I started seeing the different Vegas poker series schedules being published over the last month, my heart began to sink as I realized many of them did not include ladies-only tournaments. This year, there are only two ladies-only events besides the WSOP, as opposed to past years when you could find a ladies-only event almost daily during Ladies Week. Why my heart sank at the schedules is because the events in the past were always well-attended and wanted and enjoyed by many. I would understand deciding not to continue with the tournaments if they were poorly attended, but this isn’t the case. It is disheartening to see many casinos deciding not to continue with ladies-only events, as I feel they help provide a stepping stone to many beginning female poker players who may be too intimidated to play in open events. They also continue to provide tough competition to more advanced female players who enjoy the competition that can be found in ladies-only tournaments.”

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