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Asia Takes Online Poker by Storm

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Since the days of the global poker boom, when online poker became immensely popular in nearly all parts of the world, gaming industry analysts have been predicting that the next surge would come from Asia. And after the US anti-online poker laws created a snowball effect that hurt the entire industry, the speculation has been constant and strong that Asia would spark poker’s resurgence.

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While a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region have been targeted by that anticipation, some of those hopes have waned in past years with a growing crackdown on internet gaming in general. Philippines lawmakers are trying to sort out what its new president will allow, China has had a love/hate relationship with gaming, and Australia is now trying to go the way of many European countries by banning online poker from offshore operators. India is slowly opening to online poker but only by way of individual regions.

However, the constant in all of the speculation through the years is China. No matter its official laws, the Chinese population is intrigued with all types of gaming, from eSports to video games and even poker. Companies like the World Poker Tour have worked for years to host tournaments there, and Alex Dreyfus recently established a Chinese version of the Global Poker League in China that seems to be immensely popular.

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