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Thriving US Online Poker Market a Long Way Off

2017-05-02 17:51:36Author:
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Let's get real, United States online poker players. The current situation is just not working. Black Friday absolutely demolished a once-thriving market, and rebuilding it has been a long, frustrating, and mostly fruitless journey.

There is Nevada, a small online poker market that never even reveals its results because it doesn’t warrant the time it would take to publish the numbers. There is Delaware, of which poker is only a small portion of its online gambling market. And there is New Jersey, which is widely considered a success but mostly due to the online casino side of the coin, as poker is a small part and one that looks to be shrinking even further.

Online poker players have held out hope for years that other states would join those three in legalizing online poker, and the states would then band together with liquidity agreements to share player pools and create a new and bustling market. While New York and Pennsylvania are poised to embrace the games this year, it will still be a slog toward site launches. And it seems that any truly beneficial shared liquidity is years in the future.

Not to come across as Debbie Downer, but it's time we face the facts. Online poker is not a career for those living in the United States anymore, with the exception of a handful of pros living in New Jersey. It's time to settle into live poker for the long haul or give up the dream.

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