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A Real Hall of Fame must be All-Encompassing

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[Introduction]  Poker has been taking some hits of late, mostly in the online poker arena but also due to a tough global economy and a lack of television programming to draw new players. ...

No single company affiliated with a poker brand would be able to build the Poker Hall of Fame, as branding seems to lead to exclusions, as has happened with the WSOP. Brands could advertise, purchase memorial sections, or help sustain the endeavor with contributions, but the overall concept must remain brand-free.

There must be a museum-like component of the Poker Hall of Fame that showcases photos and memorabilia from the centuries of the game, allowing visitors to walk through the exhibit and read about the early beginnings of gaming all the way through the various forms of modern poker. It must be an educational and entertaining place to be.

Various poker companies could then sponsor rooms or find a way to showcase their brands and honorees through the years. For example, the WSOP Poker Hall of Fame should have a sizeable display of its inductees and awards through the years. The Women in Poker Hall of Fame should be included as well. The WPT should be able to highlight its many winners and recipients of the Player of the Year honorees. Other poker tours should be able to do the same, as should companies like CardPlayer and others who have long been a part of the poker community and bestowed Player of the Year honors on many players. And of course, the latest to begin honoring players – the Global Poker Index – should have a place to showcase its award winners, as well.

Las Vegas would be the ideal location for such a structure, somewhere with easy access for tourists and close to the many casino and gambling attractions in the world’s dominant gambling city. Events can be hosted there, such as awards ceremonies, charity tournaments, poker training sessions, and other poker-centric activities.

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