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how to see invisible ink without a blacklight

2017-05-04 16:04:30Author:
[Introduction]  Black light can check invisible ink marked cards, and you can see poker marked with your eye....

Admittedly, it is tough for players based in the United States to get excited about a new online poker site. Many players want to support new sites, such as LuckyChewyPoker by Andrew Lichtenberger and the upcoming RunItOncePoker by Phil Galfond, but they are out of reach for the time being. However, those in many regions throughout the world that are not ring-fenced can take advantage of sites being designed by poker pros for a range of poker players.

One of the newest sites in the larger global market is PPIPoker-dot-net. The site just launched this month but has garnered few reviews since many poker writers are based in the US. While this particularly writer is in that category and hasn’t been able to try the site, there is a bit of information available about it. It seems as if the site ambassadors and software features are aimed at making poker fun for all players, from new players who want to see that river card after they folded to pros who use HUDs and straddles.

With the invisible ink, you can ues infrared pen to write poker mark with your hand.

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Michael 2017-11-07 21:10:46

Hello, Do you ship overnight to California?

LILI 2017-04-24 16:45:50

do Coapg palying cards can make with poker analyzer kit?