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Is PPI Poker Making Poker Fun Again?

2017-05-04 16:08:52Author:
[Introduction]  Who have AKK poker analyzer? Is best than CVK analyzer? how many game can be use, texas holdem, omaha? ...

PPI Poker is doing a few things that other sites have only discussed or with which they have possibly dabbled. Within weeks of the site’s launch, numerous features were incorporated into the site that set it apart from its competitors at an early stage.

Pro players will be interested in PokerCraft, the HUD and stats tracker that is built in to the software for tournaments and cash games. For those cash games, players can not only straddle to boost the betting action, they can also enter VIP rooms to set up their own games with whatever stakes they choose.

Recreational and new players will probably enjoy the Fortune Spins for random prizes in sit-n-goes, as well as using the all-in insurance or rabbit hunting features. And players at many levels can have fun with the run-it-3-times feature. Staking is also available in the poker client, which offers players to buy pieces of others or sell pieces of themselves in various events. While this is often done by third-party websites, PPIPoker is one of the first to offer it on the site itself.

PPI Poker can make with poker analyzer? Bar code marked cards can be scanning.

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Booth 2017-04-24 11:35:59

Invisible ink marked playing cards with Infrared glasses, are you sure that glasses can see mark?

Addison 2017-04-24 11:30:00

I am from USA, i want to buy bee marked deck, you sale the cards?