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MSPT Reveals SeasonWeekend Warriors Welcome as MSPT Reveals Season

2017-05-04 16:12:42Author:
[Introduction]  Poker players in the United States have several options for live poker tournaments on American soil, and more people than ever before are flocking to the live tables. ...

The Mid-States Poker Tour is a tour that has garnered much attention through its past seven seasons, as it focuses on areas of the country that see far too few solid tournament options. Players on the coasts of the United States can find numerous tournament series, but the vast areas of the middle section of America needed something like the MSPT. So what started as the Minnesota State Poker Tour in 2009 grew into the Mid-States Poker Tour and expanded to many more regions of the country.

In contrast to larger tours like the WPT and WSOP, the MSPT is geared toward a wider range of poker players and enthusiasts, those who mostly play on the weekends and have limited bankrolls. They seek reasonable buy-ins with even cheaper satellites but want big prize pools. And with the recent news from the Players Poker Championship, a poker tour that turned out to be untrustworthy and now embroiled in a lawsuit for player winnings, players want some assurances that they are competing in tournaments hosted by a reputable company. The MSPT is that answer for many players.

Just this month, the MSPT announced its eighth season of events, with regional tournaments already underway in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the first festival of the year set to take place in Jacksonville, Florida, from January 19-29. The action then heads to Las Vegas for a special Poker Bowl event set for February 2-4 to cater to players in Sin City for NFL betting action. That tournament is larger than most and will guarantee a $300K prize pool for its $1,100 buy-in. Action for the rest of the season will offer events from Minnesota to South Dakota, Iowa to Indiana, and Colorado to Nevada. The full schedule is available on the MSPT website.

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