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How To Mark Cards With An Invisible Luminous Pen?

2017-05-05 11:55:53Author:
[Introduction]  Marking both paper cards and plastic cards with luminous ink pen is the best way to process the invisible ink marked decks which could be seen through by wearing marking cards tricks contact lenses....

An invisible luminous ink kit pen for marking contact lenses cards was rolled out in our company. This kind of poker luminous ink kit include the cards marking invisible ink pen and red filtered film for testing the luminous marks you made on the back of poker cards whether does work clearly.

How to make luminous ink marks on the back of poker cards with an invisible ink pen? 

The magic invisible ink pen can mark both paper cards and plastic cards. You can make any marks you like on the playing cards. However, you need to be informed that marking red cards for infrared contact lenses by yourself are better than marking blue cards by you with invisible ink pen. The reason is that the invisible ink marks on the back of blue cards are hard to be distinguished.

With our cards tricks invisible ink pen, just write the marks on the back of cards. After the ink dry, you can use them in the poker games. In order to enjoy more fun in the poker games, do not forget to wear the luminous ink contact lenses or infrared glasses.

Product Information

Color: Green,yellow,black,blue, Red,pink,purple

Material: plastic

Origin: China

Application: Magic, Marking Cards

Teaching Mode: Video Instruction,Use Manual

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Chester 2017-04-24 11:44:51

Can the dice cup be fitted with a miniature infrared camera?