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Two kinds plastic marked cards

2018-04-12 12:04:34Author:
[Introduction]  Our company has back plastic marked cards and barcode plastic marked cards. ...

There are many kinds of poker cards in the market like Fournier poker cards, Bicycle marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Copag marked cards, KEM marked cards, Bee marked cards, Aviator marked cards. These poker cards can be used to help you cheat poker games. And these poker cards have two materials: the one is paper, the other is plastic. As we know, the plastic poker cards are washable and durable. Today, I will share the plastic marked cards for you. 

Our company has back plastic marked cards and barcode plastic marked cards. The back marked cards are marked by using invisible ink. The barcode marked cards are printed by printer. And these marks are different. Back marks are marked on back of the poker cards. The barcode marks are printed on side. Back plastic marked cards need to work with infrared contact lenses for you to see these marks in the back. Barcode plastic marked cards need to work with poker analyzer system. So that different kinds plastic marked cards should work with different kinds poker cheat devices. The back marked cards are more easy for you to play, and you use the barcode marked cards to play poker games, the process of poker cheat would looks more advanced and professional. Do you know how that works? I will introduce marked cards work with poker cheat devices in the next. 

The back marked cards work with IR contact lenses or sunglasses. When you wear the contact lenses, you can see these marks on the back of marked cards. Also, these contact lenses are very safe for your eyes. Wearing the contact lenses can not change your eye’s color. And you can see the points and suits of marked cards directly. The barcode marked cards work with poker analyzer system. The poker analyzer system includes poker analyzer, camera lenses, remote controllers, mini earphones and marked cards. If you are playing Texas holdem poker games or Omaha poker games, you need to set the program. When the poker game starts, you can press the remote controller, so the poker analyzer starts working. The camera will scan the barcode marks and send the signal to poker analyzer, and then, the poker analyzer will receive the data and analyzing decodes. Finally, you can know the poker results from output mini earphone. Also, our company has one to one marked cards that are very special than others. When you choose these marked cards, you need to have one to one poker cheat device to match them. Otherwise, you can not know poker results in advanced. 

There are a lot of poker cheat devices can be chosen from our company. In order to win a lot of money, you should use one kind of poker cheating devices to help you. Also, custom-make one kind of poker cheat devices is available. Now, just contact us by Skype!


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Conrad 2017-04-24 11:47:54

KEM playing cards can be make marked cards? all KEM cards i know not be make.