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Cheating Poker Games with CVK 500 Poker Analyzer

2017-05-10 11:25:57Author:
[Introduction]  Take poker analyzer for example, we can provide the latest CVK 500 for customers....

Our company has always been devoting ourselves to the production of  the most popular, useful and advanced gambling cheating devices. Take poker analyzer for example, we can provide the latest CVK 500 for customers.

Here are some details about this poker analyzer:

In addition to being unable to report game results with its screen up or down, our CVK 500 poker analyzer can also work as it is being moved in a large scale. The poker analyzer has been installed with a high-definition image recognition software, which can improve the accuracy of image recognition and make the analyzer report game results more quickly, accurately and stably. It has two original sound transmission functions — the reporting sound can not only be transmitted through a traditional earpiece, but also through a one to one digital earpiece, newly developed for CVK poker analyzer. Besides, it has two original image transmission functions — 2-4G analog transmission function and image transmission function. Among its similar or competing products, CVK 500 poker analyzer is the only one that has two image transmission functions in the market so far.

By working with our barcode marked cards, the CVK 500 poker analyzer can help poker players cheat at many poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flush etc.. If you want to buy our CVK 500 poker analyzer, welcome to approach us for it! 

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Michael 2017-11-07 21:10:46

Hello, Do you ship overnight to California?

LILI 2017-04-24 16:45:50

do Coapg palying cards can make with poker analyzer kit?