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AKK K30 poker analyzer for Omaha

2017-05-10 15:49:08Author:
[Introduction]  AKK A1, CVK 400 poker analyzer for Texas holdem and Omaha use with Bar code marked playing cards...

There are several Omaha poker games, 4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha, 6-card Omaha and so on. AKK K4 poker analyzer could be used in all these games and you just need change the number of players when you set it up.


For example of 4-card Omaha game, each player will get 4 cards, players should choose 3 cards from the community cards, 2 cards from his own hand. In the cause of game, you may feel easy with the help of AKK A1 poker analyzer, you can know the result very fast, reported by a Bluetooth mini earpiece, you will get the result at the same time of the cards shuffled well. It can tell you who the first winner hand is. Then you can decide follow or not.

Consider the usage of the customer, sometimes he is not convenient to operate on the poker analyzer, so we customize a remote controller for customers, solved a big problem. It is one factor of the advanced of k30 than other device.


K30 analyzer is one of our excellent devices, it reports the result very fast and it’s very practical, so we are sure you deserve it.

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Conrad 2017-04-24 11:47:54

KEM playing cards can be make marked cards? all KEM cards i know not be make.