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CVK Cheating Devices

2017-05-11 14:33:25Author:
[Introduction]  These two are latest products to give out the accurate game result....

As you can know, there are different poker cheating devices you can choose to cheat at poker games. And CVK cheating device is one of the best products. There are some tips to let you know about them.

CVK cheating devices include CVK 350 poker analyzer and CVK 350 all in one poker analyzer. They can be used to cheat at Texas hold’em Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Baccarat or Blackjack. But the difference is that you need to use other poker cameras when you use CVK 350 analyzer. But if you use all in one analyzer, you could not consider an extra camera. There is a mini camera inside and the scanning distance is 10-30cm. These two are latest products to give out the accurate game result. And they can work together with any cameras, such as lighter camera, water bottle camera, car key camera, cigarette box camera USB cable camera, shirt button camera and other cell phone camera. The user needs to perform as usual and then the secret is hard to be found.

CVK cheating devices are powerful. They are good for cheating at different games. If you want to try to use them, you can call us right now!

CVK Cheating Devices

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KEM playing cards can be make marked cards? all KEM cards i know not be make.