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Unibet Tour: Brighton Bounties

2017-05-11 15:41:43Author:
[Introduction]  The first level was about getting to know the table. It was likely I would be playing with these people for a good few hours at least, so I introduced myself and asked some useful questions....

On Saturday I headed down to Brighton to play the first leg of the 2017 Unibet UK Tour. It was my first event of the year, and in fact, my first major live tournament for over 12 months.

Having concentrated on my previous career for two years, I was limited in my opportunities to play. But after last week's practice tournament, and the last eight months of full-time online poker experience behind me, I felt confident entering.

The price of the event was £220, which is great value for a tournament of its structure. My online buy-in range is usually up to $30, so I decided to get a stake from a family member. I could have pushed the boat out and paid for it myself, but that would have gone against my strict bankroll management.

Sitting down for Day 1B, I knew 1A ended with 137 registrations and 31 players making it through to Day 2, which meant only 63 entries were needed on Saturday to hit the £40,000 guarantee. The target was sure to be exceeded with such a large attendance on the first day and it was! With 261 total entries, the prize pool of £52,200 was set and announced as a record for the Unibet UK Tour.

Unibet Tour: Brighton Bounties

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