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My 5 Best Things About Playing Poker

2017-05-11 15:50:25Author:
[Introduction]  Poker players are dreamers. Every single one of us (amateur or pro) has a dream to travel to the WSOP and win the Main Event for a life-changing sum of money....

1. The Money

Now this is definitely not an instantaneous thing. You shouldn’t expect to start winning thousands as soon as you start playing poker. It takes a lot of hours of practice and self-criticism to become a winning player, but once you’ve got a good grip on the game, there’s definitely a bit of money to be made.

2. The Travel

Have a quick Google of poker tournaments around the world and you will see a vast amount of interesting locations festivals are held. Almost all over the planet, a few tournaments are at one stage or another. These can provide perfect holiday spots for people who like poker but want to experience somewhere new.

Just looking at the PokerStars site, you can see that they have tournaments scheduled for Panama, Macau, Monte Carlo, Sochi and Barcelona in the coming months. There is no shortage of options.

I personally have been to Prague, Barcelona and Marabella for events. Panama is my first excursion out of Europe for an event and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it. I’ve also got my eye on a WSOP Circuit event in Rotterdam in August but I’ll have to wait until the schedule is released before seeing if I can get time off work.

3. Keeping your mind active

Making decisions under pressure is the essence of poker. Walking your brain through how a hand is played to work out whether you should be calling or folding is not only important to becoming a winning player, it's necessary. You have to be able to think about ranges of hands, percentages and perception of your opposing player (and yourself!) all within seconds.

4. The Competition

You’ve just made a great bluff which got an opponent off their hand. You’ve just made a great call to scoop a big pot. You’ve just beaten 500 runners to first place in a tournament.

As you start getting older and start drifting out of that youthful sporting age, poker can provide the fun competition you crave with none of that horrid exercise. It doesn’t always have to be serious.

5. The Dream

The difference between poker and every other profession is that it’s a completely level playing field. You can enter the exact same tournaments as poker pros who have earned millions and play against them as equals. You can’t do this in any other profession I can think of.

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