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CVK730V Power Bank Dynamic Camera

2017-05-12 14:13:58Author:
[Introduction]  If you are looking for a poker camera, our CVK 730T power bank camera is an ideal one for you....

What can a power bank be used for in addition to charging something like cellphone? Our CVK 730V power bank can give you the answer.

On one hand, our CVK 730V power bank, like other common power banks, can be used to charge universal cellphones. On the other, the power bank can be used as a carrier of poker camera.

The dynamic camera fixed inside the CVK 730V power bank features fast scanning speed and wide scanning range: the scanning height is 30cm and the scanning width is 35cm. It can scan marked cards no matter they are put on the table, held in hand or even being moved. Its scanning distance falls into six sections: 12-25cm, 25-55cm, 40-70cm, 42-65cmcm, 70-105cm or 90-135cm. In this case, our power bank dynamic camera can meet different needs in different situations.

A wonderful thing about using our CVK730V power bank dynamic camera is that the cellphone being charged by the power bank can be the poker analyzer. This way, the power bank is also transmitting marked cards’ information to the poker analyzer while other players think it’s just conducting electricity to the cellphone.

Our CVK 730V power bank camera is the most concealable poker camera so far in the market. No one can find out where the camera is with his eyes. Poker camera is an indispensable part of a poker analyzer system, the rest parts of which are a poker analyzer ( not all-in-one set ), barcode marked cards and an earpiece. If you are looking for a poker camera, our CVK 730T power bank camera is an ideal one for you.

The camera, with maximum performance and best cost performance , is designed for professional users and winners in practice by our company, only which possesses the strength to develop and manufacture this product.

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Kinsley 2017-04-27 15:24:39

what is the contact way for the infrared marked cards purchase

Gerald 2017-04-24 14:48:43

Where is your company address, i need to go your company to buy luminous marked cards.