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Latest English Ver. AKK A1 Poker Analyzer from GS

2017-05-12 16:50:45Author:
[Introduction]  It can let you know who is the biggest winner, the ranks of all players, the best and second best poker hand or other poker results before the games starts....

AKK K5 is fantastic, while AKK A1 poker analyzer is even better. Here are some information about it.


1. Featuring exquiste, elegant, trendy and attractive appearance design based on fashionable phone model.

2. Capable of reading barcode marked cards in 360 angle degree poker camera no matter how you place the cards -- on the table, in your hands, under sunshine, against sunshine... 

3. Capable of reading barcode marked cards in a range larger than any of its rivals -- 23 to 48cm in height and 30cm in width. 

4. Capable of reading barcode marked cards up to 10 times faster than those previous poker analyzers.

5. Fixed with a key for starting the cheating program, easy and convenient to operate.

6. Installed with fingerprint identification system, making it imposiible for other people to find out the specail functions of such a normal-looking cellphone.

7. Working with all cameras in the world, especially those newly-made by AKK called AP 10 and AP 20. Channels can be customized according to your requirements.

8. Working with a long distance one to one Bluetooth earpiece, with which nobody but you can hear the poker results.

9. 5 inch super-big screen with IPS HD system for giving users a more comfortable visual experience while operating the poker analyzer.

10. 8 core super-fast CPU, 2G runtime memory and super power on analysis data for helping users receive poker results very fast.

11. New UI design for making cards poker games much easier to manage.

12. 3 channels for receiving video wirelessly.

13. English language setting without even a Chinese word. 

14. Applicable to Texas Holdem, Omaha, India Flush, Baccarat, Blackjack and many other poker games in the world.

15. Different colors for your choice: black, white, dark blue, dark brown and light yellow etc.

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kuangmo zhang 2017-05-11 17:19:15

how to buy invisible ink cards from your website?

Oliver 2017-04-24 17:24:09

Your company Automatic tracking scanning camera can automatic any poker cards?