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Slot Machine Cheats Devices Perspective Dice Bowl For Magic Show

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[Introduction]  It has a heavy metal potions spread on the face of bowl....





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Magic show

Private casino

Party gambling 

Dice Gambling 

Custom Attribute:

Application: Magic

Material: Ceramics

Player Number: 1 player

Maximum Player Number: Unlimited Minimum

Teaching Mode: Video Instruction,Use manual


The origin of Perspective Bowl is from South Korea which is produced by introducing the technology and based on the wave depth study. It has a heavy metal potions spread on the face of bowl. You can see the dices inside clearly no matter it is under the light or dark condition. We put the lead into the dices, which can balance the dices. Also, this is the normal bowl, so that no one can doubt easily. Knock at the dice that the side of you want to show before you throw out.

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Catherine 2017-04-24 17:30:31

Ultraviolet sunglasses can see any playing cards or need to mark luminous ink?