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Global Poker Coming Into Its Own

2017-05-16 17:34:51Author:
[Introduction]  The games continue to grow, giving opportunities for players at all stakes....

Though Global Poker only launched a couple of months ago, the provider is quickly becoming a great option for new and experienced poker marked cards players alike.

Global Poker, as part of VGW Holdings Ltd, provides a combination of virtual currency (social) gaming with real cash prizes through their unique sweepstakes business model.

The games continue to grow, giving opportunities for players at all stakes.

At peak times, there are 130-140 concurrent $weeps cash game tables running with over 1,000 players seated.

Whether you’re playing the smallest game, the $0.02/0.04 $weeps cash, or the $10/20 PLO $weeps cash, there are always a range of options to choose from.

“iLLusivE” won the biggest pot so far, 34,281 $weeps, in the $10/20 PLO $weeps cash game May 8.

“I personally witnessed a 34k pot at the 10/20 plo table a few nights ago and numerous 10k pots,” wrote BABYFACEATL on Two Plus Two. “In the last month the site has gone bonkers with new traffic.”

With more than $50,000 in weekly $weep guarantees, Global Poker keeps players having the time of their lives, no matter the gold coin buy-in.

With tournaments up to 45 seats, Global Poker’s sit & go has buy-ins ranging from $1.10 in $weeps cash to $22 $weeps cash.

Online people have been raving about Global Poker and what it provides on Two Plus Two.

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