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PokerStars Revamps Payouts, Announces New Player Affairs Consultant

2017-05-17 10:47:55Author:
[Introduction]  Gates reiterated this stance in his post, saying PokerStars was attempting to spread the winning moments out to a greater number of players....

Garry Gates has moved into a new role with PokerStars as senior consultant of player affairs for PokerStars Live, and his first move is to roll back the payout structure after overwhelming player requests, he announced on

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Back in 2016 after the World Series of Poker ended, PokerStars held its European Poker Tour Barcelona event and announced the tournaments there would pay out up to 20 percent of the field, with the minimum cash being just a little more than the cost to buy in.

The players did not appear to agree, though. High roller participants immediately raised an objection, and PokerStars mollified them by continuing to use the old 15 percent model for those events.

PokerStars Revamps Payouts, Announces New Player Affairs Consultant

At PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo presented by Monte-Carlo Casino®, Gates, acting in his new role, organized a meeting with a number of players and PokerStars officials. He said the players "unanimously" supported a return to the old payout structure. A survey sent to all participants of PokerStars Live events in 2016 revealed much of the same, as 80 percent wanted more top-heavy payouts.

PokerStars has listened and will be reverting to the old 15 percent payout structure for all future PokerStars Championship and PokerStars Festival events, effective immediately in Chile and Sochi this month. High roller events will be unaffected by the change.

Gates said the forum was part of a wider, productive discussion that covered a variety of topics, including "shot clocks," reentry options for Main Events and even the possibility of online Day 1s. It lasted three hours, and no topic was off limits.

Previously, many players simply aired their grievances over social media platforms and hoped PokerStars would take notice. For example, PokerStars Championship Panama saw a wider payout structure in a few high rollers, which didn't sit well with players like Bryn Kenney.

The forums will now serve as an opportunity for players like Kenney.

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