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The Future of Playing Cards

2017-05-17 22:10:08Author:
[Introduction]  The future of poker must move towards high technology, networking, mobile and equipment....

Future developments in playing card will be focused on new card designs and methods of printing. Since the market for playing cards kept many times, card producers will attempt to increase sales byumor novel card designs. This might understanding using new base materials for the cards Producing various three-dimensional designs, or creating novel shapes. With the vast improvements in computer technologies, a variety of new printing methods will be employed. These methods will be used to increase the speed at which cards will be produced. The need for creating plates as printing can be done directly from computer images. This will make it easier to produce personalized decks quickly and economically.

In the technical field, we will develop more types of marked cards to meet the needs of different customer groups, such as far infrared ink, green invisible ink, chip poker, which can prevent poker cheating equipment.

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Dean 2017-04-24 11:50:56

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