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How do you customize the poker cards you want?

2017-05-17 22:24:07Author:
[Introduction]  Customize your favorite poker card to raise your favorite for playing cards....

Here is some stuff you won't know about our cards. They're made in Canada. More specifically the cards are printed in Montreal and the boxes in Vancouver. Why? Well, lets be honest, cards take a beating. If you're a serious card player you'll know the cards you'd use in a casino are produced the way they are for a reason. And we don't want to sell you a deck that looks pretty but falls apart after a few hands. That's why we use a company that prints and supplies playing cards to the major casinos here. And the boxes..., card printers typically have a standard box that, although can be beautified, is a universal shape. It keeps printing costs down because it already exists and makes life easy from a productionpoint of view. For instance, the cards are automatically stuffed into their boxes by a machine too. We didn't design a unique set of playing cards to have them stuffed into a standard box by a machine. Ours are custom made, they open on the side and we assemble each pack by hand. And that's not all. Each deck comes with a temporary replacement card incase a card gets lots or damaged. It has pre-printed guides you can fill in with a permanent marker. We also sell single cards so you can restore your deck without going to the expense of having to buy a new one. You see, our cards aren't for display. They're to be used, kept on you at all times and played with regularly.

Also you can customize luminous marked cards for contact lenses, to meet your poker game needs.

luminous marked cards for contact lneses

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Booth 2017-04-24 11:35:59

Invisible ink marked playing cards with Infrared glasses, are you sure that glasses can see mark?

Addison 2017-04-24 11:30:00

I am from USA, i want to buy bee marked deck, you sale the cards?