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cardss lenses

2017-04-13 12:20:13Author:
[Introduction]  how to use marked cards contact lenses to read invisible marked playing cards?...

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Rahul 2018-05-13 03:04:03

Call me..want to buy lens

Gema 2017-08-05 17:47:15

I'm interested in the akk a1 , can you send vid and pics ?

Tonny 2017-08-05 17:45:17

I want to know more details about this three-lens poker scanner, replay me!

2017-05-05 13:13:13

I'm interested in the cvk 500 , can you send vid and pics of actual scanner .. is it a Samsung type phone or iPhone ?

Abbott 2017-04-24 11:21:43

infrared contact lenses that can see invisible ink, and fluorescent light can read it or not?