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Luminous invisible ultraviolet sunglasses

2017-04-24 15:27:40Author:
[Introduction]  To meet different needs of different poker player, we especially developed the luminous sunglasses that can see UV ink....

If you want to buy a top quality pair of UV marked cards sunglasses, ultimate luminous UV sunglasses can be your best choice.

Processed with best sunglasses and sophisticated technology, equipped with built in UV filter already molded into the sunglasses lens, this ultraviolet sunglasses can keep its appearance as same as original and no one can find any difference from it. Most importantly, user can utilize our magic ultraviolet sunglasses to read the markings on the backs of invisible marked cards clearly, no matter in what kinds of occasion.

Holding with our ultraviolet sunglasses, you can make a good bet in all kinds of playing cards games.

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Catherine 2017-04-24 17:30:31

Ultraviolet sunglasses can see any playing cards or need to mark luminous ink?