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Bluetooth luminous marked cards CVK 911 spy earpiece

2017-04-24 15:42:52Author:
[Introduction]  CVK 911 spy earpiece is a one to one frequency invisible marked cards earpiece. It can receive marked cards result quickly and stably....

CVK 911 one to one spy earpiece is a new arrival called cards earpiece. A set of CVK 911 contains a signal receiver and a spy playing cards earpiece.

Compare with other invisible marked cards earpiece, this CVK 911 has 5 advantages.

1. Its frequency is connected with signal receiver.

2. Multi-frequency design.

3. The transmission distance is enhanced to 10 meters.

4. Bluetooth is another connects way.

5. No need to buy a set of it if you lost one of them.

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lisa 2017-04-24 16:42:44

do the luminous marked cards is make with invisible ink?