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Luminous Ink Reader Kit for Reading Marked Cards

2017-04-24 16:07:20Author:
[Introduction]  Luminous ink ( glow in the dark ink)is mixed by night luminous powder, storage light then glow for 12 hours continually by itself .This process (absorbing- storing-lighting) belongs to infinite loop, you can use it forever. ...

Luminous ink Reader kit is not the glasses but the kit to create your own pairs of luminous ink glasses. The kit comes with 6 squares of the red film and directions including a link to a how to video

The luminous ink glasses kit do not come with the frames or lenses. You must pick your own sunglasses and instal the red film onto the glasses in order to make the luminous ink glasses.

The luminous ink reader kit comes with 6 squares of the red film to make up to 3 pairs of luminous readers, however, the reason we add so much is just in case of errors making the readers.

Luminous ink is only used on red backed authentic paper based playing cards.

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steven 2017-04-24 16:37:41

Luminous Ink Reader Kit can make on my playing cards?