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Wins WSOP Circuit Cherokee Main Event

2017-04-26 17:29:40Author:
[Introduction]  Vanessa Truong won one of the biggest WSOPC events of the year for over $300,000....

Jose Anaya came into the event with two third-place finishes in big WSOP Circuit Main Events already this year, but he was stopped in sixth this time. He called for his stack when chip leader Daniel Pearlman put him all in blind versus blind. Pearlman had just 4-Diamonds/3-Hearts but that was enough against a-Hearts/j-Hearts when a four hit the board on the river. Anaya didn't improve.

Truong got lucky, busting Jason Gooch in fifth when he shoved in 10 big blinds with a-Spades/j-Hearts. She looked him up with k-Clubs/j-Clubs. A king flopped to send Gooch to the rail.

Truong then continued to run hot, winning flips against Dusty Nelson and Josh Horton to take a slight lead heads up against Pearlman.

The match would end up lasting nearly four hours, with Truong leading most of the way but seemingly unable to deal a finishing blow to Pearlman. After being reduced to just about seven big blinds, Pearlman found one double but could not get a second when he ran 9-Diamonds/8-Diamonds into Truong's a-Diamonds/10-Hearts. A 6-Clubs/6-Diamonds/2-Diamonds flop gave him outs, but running offsuit queens gave Truong the win.

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