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Brazil's 'Drudz777' Wins the Sunday Million

2017-04-26 17:34:21Author:
[Introduction]  "Drudz777" won the PokerStars Sunday Million this week and banked $133,595 after a heads-up deal....

A field of 5,219 players took to the PokerStars virtual felt on April 23 for the latest edition of the $215 Sunday Million, which meant the $1 million guarantee was surpassed by $25,800. The lion’s share of the prize pool, namely $261,840, went to the final two players in the tournament after they agreed to a deal when the tournament was in its final throes.

The eventual champion was “Drudz777” who hails from Brazil. Thanks to the deal, Drudz777 added $133,595 to his PokerStars account when the tournament ended at 09:46 CET on April 24.

Finland’s “mahmuttt88” was the second-place finisher in the Sunday Million this weekend and netted himself $128,245 after the aforementioned deal. Second-place was originally set at $107,974 so the deal banked him almost $21,000 more than was on the payout sheet.

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