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What is the best way to learn marking cards?

2017-04-27 10:31:04Author:
[Introduction]  Once you understand the best way you can learn to improve at poker marking cards, pinpoint your mistakes, and formulate a plan for fixing them, you can properly attack all of your leaks one by one....

Understanding “how to learn” about poker is probably the most important step, which makes it kind of ironic that so many players often overlook it. So how should you be learning and what approach will yield the best results?

Naturally, reading and reviewing strategy articles can help you build a better understanding of the game. If you are able to find good, high-quality content, you can even end up learning new moves to add to your arsenal. The same is true for poker videos. They could be a valuable source of information but, frankly speaking, many poker videos serve more to entertain than to teach. What I mean to say is that watching how someone plays will often not help you much, especially if you are watching someone playing for higher stakes than you do and implementing advanced concepts that are not very relevant to your game.

One notable exception to this, however, is poker strategy videos that concentrate on a specific topic. Because they focus on specific scenarios and elements of the game, they can certainly be very beneficial – even an optimal way to learn. However, before jumping into watching good poker strategy videos, you first need to figure out what parts of your game you need to fix.

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Earl 2017-04-24 12:04:18

How to do Long Distance Camera for poker game? How much can buy marked cards?