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The Hottest Live Poker Rooms on the Planet

2017-04-27 11:49:44Author:
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Poker is a game that is always changing. Online poker had its booming years but is going through adjustments in many parts of the world now. Live poker also has its challenges, especially in a city like Las Vegas that has to consistently change to keep up with the latest trends and make the most of its massive casino properties.

Just last month, the poker rooms at the Hard Rock and Monte Carlo casinos in Las Vegas closed, prompting many to speculate that live poker is on a downswing. While that is partly true, live poker is actually thriving in the form of tournaments, whether in Las Vegas, Macau, or other places around the world. More live tournament series are drawing players to new locations and reviving old ones, all with numerous event options, poker variations, and tournament guarantees.

According to the latest analysis by US Poker, Nevada has suffered quite a significant downswing in live cash games. The number of tables is down from approximately 100 poker rooms during the boom years to 67 now, and down from more than 900 tables to only 600 today. That one-third drop is indicative of the profitability of the game from 2006 to 2011, as well as the harm that befell the industry after Black Friday.

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Booth 2017-04-24 11:35:59

Invisible ink marked playing cards with Infrared glasses, are you sure that glasses can see mark?

Addison 2017-04-24 11:30:00

I am from USA, i want to buy bee marked deck, you sale the cards?