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What is marked cards? Which playing cards can be make good? Modiano playing cards, Copag playing cards, Fournier playing cards, Bee Bicycly palying cards. Keywords: marked cards contact lenses, invisible ink contact lenses, luminous marked cards, invisible ink for playing cards, marked playing cards with glasses, infrared contact lenses for sale, marking cards with invisible ink.
  • Laser ink to mark cards


    Laser invisible ink printed on cards cannot be checked by other readers like IR or UV contact lenses or poker analyzer scanners.

  • Side Marked Cards


    No matter what kind of poker game you want to cheat at, these wonderful products can help you a lot.

  • Cards marking


    Historically, the first attempts to mark playing cards involved bends, crimps and tiny pinprick bumps known as "blisters", resembling the Braille script. Later, when the first designs appeared on the backs of playing cards.

  • All Types of Useful Tools for Poker Cheat


    If you want to have a try with any of those cheating devices mentioned above, please contact us by Skype or send email to us!

  • Bee No.92 Marked Cards for Poker Cheat


    Our company produces two types of marked cards: back marked cards ( the marks, indicating the suits and numbers, can be printed in the middle or on the white board of the card back ) and edge marked cards ( the marks, indicating the bar-codes, are printed along the edge of the cards ).

  • Laser Marked Cards


    The laser camera lens sold by our company is also the best among all types of camera lenses.If you are interested can contact us.